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We restart our online live coaching sessions three semesters a year. You can join at any time and take advantage of the recorded coaching sessions, but you are more likely to meet your peers at the same time and share your journey as part of an online learning group at the start of the season. 

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One Course At A Time

Start in the area that most interests you
Do one course at a time when you are ready. Purchase each course separately and join either the Spring, Summer or Autumn courses for a total of 4 months validity.

SDBP® Foundation Certificate

Gain the SDBP® Foundation certificate

Fast track your career progress with the bundle of three courses for a total of 12 months validity. Pay upfront and join either the Spring, Summer or Autumn cohort in that year and do either the courses one at a time or at the same time, depending on how quickly you want to achieve the Foundation Certificate. 

Starter Pack

Not sure about the certificate?.

Gain access to the course material only for a small monthly fee where you can watch video explainers, read the hints and tips and do the exercises. When you are ready engage on our interactive forum, learning groups with live coaching, and complete the exams,  upgrade to either the focus or certificate.  


What are the entry requirements for the course?
  1. There are no entry requirements for any of the courses.

  2. However, to gain the SDBP® Practitioner certificate you will need to have passed the SDBP® Foundation certificate first and have five years of work experience.
Who would benefit most from these courses and the SDBP® Foundation Certificate?

The context of the courses is taken from the author's experience of managing information technology. So, if you are a person "outside looking in" and involved in the decision making process for technology or someone who is trying to answer questions such as: 

  1. How can I be sure that I am getting value for money from my technology services?

  2. What framework do I apply to ensure the best technology platform for my department?

  3. What could our technology landscape look like in five years time?

  4. How do I prioritise work, features or projects?

  5. How can I ensure the best chance of success for my business case?

  6. How can I make sure that technology delivers the benefits we committed to? 

.... then look no further, as we provide the answers!

In addition, people who have been on these courses come from a variety of roles, including: IT Business Partners, Project Managers, Business Analysts, Enterprise Architects, Customer Success Managers, Product Managers and Service Delivery Managers.

What do I get as part of the course subscription?

For the starter pack subscription, you only get access to our online learning platform, videos of workshops where the expert explains the theory and discussion notes for each lesson.

For all other subscriptions and purchases, you get in addition:

  •  Exercises and downloadable copies of the course content. 

  • Access to our exclusive online forum where you can ask and answer questions relating to the course and specific work challenges. Videos of past group online discussion are also stored here.

  • Access to our exams that cover the story of New Frontier bank undergoing a Digital Transformation, broken down into scenarios that reflect the syllabus of the course, where you apply your judgement in answering multiple choice questions.

  • An invitation to participate in our online group and individual discussions every couple of weeks to discuss the application of the course, its exercises or current work challenges.

Can I subscribe just to a part of the package?

Apart from the Starter Pack, No. This is an interactive course and the sum of the course components taken together is greater than the components consumed individually. This way you get the most benefit!

How do I meet other people on the course?

You can meet other members by:

  1. Joining the online group coaching sessions,

  2. Creating your profile on the Online Forum and posting questions and answers.

  3. Asking the expert to reach out in their network and connect you directly with people who have similar profiles.

One and a half hours per week per course. That's alot! Why?

Think of it this way. Other qualifications that are typically class based last three days at the "foundation" level. Then there is the exam and the preparation for the exam. In total you may spend one week in order to gain the certificate. Now spread that week's effort across 16 weeks. You have the advantage of pacing your workload when and where you desire. In addition, you are not cramming for an exam at the end, learning a vocabulary and theoretical framework for an exam; you are considering how to apply the techniques in a real life context - and you get feedback when there are better alternative answers. In contrast to a class based course, where you listen to the tutor walk through the content, that's already done for you with the pre-recorded video content. This means you get the equivalent time to talk instead, discussing application, context, your work challenges and what other people experience.

For the same effort of another certificate, you complete the course sufficiently confident to implement the techniques in your workplace!

How long does the course subscription last for?

Unless you buy monthly starter pack, the initial subscription for each course is set at four months.

Can I extend the course subscription?

Once the initial subscription has expired, then you are invited to subscribe on a rolling monthly, reduced rate basis.  

Can I pause the course subscription?

Once you have started your subscription, you cannot unfortunately. 

Can I delay the start of my course subscription?

Yes, you can delay the start of the subscription to align with the seasonal schedule of coaching sessions. You need to select either Spring, Summer or Autumn at checkout. 

Can I pay for the course in monthly instalments?

For the starter pack, you can pay monthly, otherwise we ask you pay by credit card in full.

Successful course completion and the SDBP® Foundation certificate

These are interactive courses. Successful individual course completion is when you have:

  1. Attended and contributed to two online group / individual coaching sessions.

  2. Asked or replied to three questions in the online forum.

  3. Successfully passed all the exams in the course.

For each course, you can request a course completion certificate. However, you will only receive the digitally signed SDBP® Foundation certificate that can be published on LinkedIn once you have completed the above requirements for Relationship, Value and Strategy Management courses together.

The SDBP® Practitioner Certificate

To gain the SDBP® Practitioner certificate, candidates will be required to have:

  1. Obtained the SDBP® Foundation Certificate

  2. Met the three course completion requirements above for the Portfolio and Organisational Change Management courses.

  3. Have written a case study that demonstrates the application of at least one technique from each of the five courses and shown the consequential benefit that is signed by a business sponsor, your line manager and approved by a Baxter Thompson Associate.

  4. Have five years work experience.

This is currently offered only as a class to corporate clients and you can be informed of the latest developments by subscribing to our newsletter below.

Bespoke Services or In-Person Workshops 

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15 Day Money Back Satisfaction Guarantee

In the unlikely event you’re not absolutely thrilled with our courses, then any time before the end of the first 15 days of your subscription you can ask for a full refund. You won’t have to give a reason why. There are no obligations. No questions asked. No hassle.