Strategic Digital Business Partnerships

Your mission is to provide sustainable competitive advantage through better fulfilment of customer needs.

Employees and Team leaders have three major challenges:

An overwhelming schedule of change to enact. 

A bureaucracy that resists change and becomes more entrenched as the organisation gets larger.

Digital transformation, AI and other trends increases the sense of urgency and survival, driving further the mandate for change. 

How do we respond?


Raise the priority and create the opportunity for people to engage

We need create the opportunity for people to consider the long term future of how the business will grow to meet new customer needs and understand how technology helps. We need to have those conversations before we decide on a plan of action.


Align people to common goals focused on the customer

We need to agree long term plans with colleagues, share the responsibility for delivering cutting edge capabilities that deliver what's important to the customer. We will need to spend a significant amount of our time finding new opportunities and focusing on the future direction of the company, yet call to attention and collaborate with people on improving delivery and realising the benefits of existing services.


Provide training and coaching to managers in Strategic Partnerships

To enable this step-change in approach, people need to be trained in the techniques and approaches, and understand the behaviours and attitudes required to help them become more effective in their roles. Our courses and coaching trains people in five competencies - Relationships, Value, Strategy, Portfolio and Organisational Change that we believe are fundamental for you to achieve your Strategic Digital Business Partner mission. 

Strategic Digital Business Partnership Benefits

Increased Competitive Advantage

  • Planning further ahead helps respond to opportunities and threats sooner, rather than be second place to a competitor.

  • Experimenting and prototyping business ideas and technology solutions inform you of what potential new customer benefits can secure the long term future of the business.

Higher Return on Investment

  • By better planning and decision making, stopping the wrong project/feature or an obsolete service means capital can be deployed elsewhere.

  • Through streamlining business capabilities, eliminating bottlenecks and providing the right enablement for people, technology can be deployed faster meaning more productivity.

Cost Saving & Higher Revenue

  • Alignment of customer outcomes to technology activities means focusing on the right problem to solve and the right solution to deliver it.

  • By measuring value and conducting continuous improvement activities, the organisation makes better use of its resources.

Does this sound like your organisation?

Are you Reactive, Service or Strategic? Read the symptoms below for each of the six drivers to find out which maturity level your organisation is performing at.

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