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Gain recognition with your peer group with the Strategic Digital Business Partner (SDBP®) Foundation Certificate and present it to potential employers on LinkedIn.

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Demonstrate value to customers by show-casing your ability to overcome the challenges of bureaucracy, politics, communication through gaining the SDBP® certificate 
Gain confidence in applying the most impactful established best practices from three foundational competencies in your day to day work experience through achieving the SDBP® certificate. 
Accelerate and enhance your career prospects in your current role and open up opportunities longer term when you apply the techniques consistently and demonstrate progress in gaining the SDBP® certificate.
See a common link to a variety of different roles in your organisation and complement existing role-based qualifications through having the SDBP® certificate.

Gain the SDBP® Foundation certificate through our scenario based exams and participating online with the course tutor and other delegates

No more learning by rote! The SDBP® exam applies a unique approach to validating your traits and behaviours in addition to the competencies required through an online role-play story-based exam, where you take on the role of various employees in a fictional organisation, drawn from a synthesis of the creator’s experiences. 

Explore how Sophie, the IT Portfolio Director helps New Frontier Bank delivers a digital transformation. Each of the fourteen exams build on the previous, creating an engaging real-world story where context and application meet to give you a real sense of how practical our techniques are.  

What would you do in their shoes? In the exam, you will have to choose which is the best outcome from a multiple-choice question. There are typically 20 questions to answer per exam.  Exam rationales are provided to help understand the application and are presented once the exam is complete. There is no time limit but a 100% pass rate is required after 3 attempts.

We believe that learning is in the doing. The more practice you have, the more insight you gain and the more valuable you become to an organisation. So we do things differently. Part of your certification reflects a contribution to the debate and an engagement with people on the course.

You get private access to recorded webinars where other delegates share their experiences of applying the techniques in the workplace. As part of gaining the certification, you will be expected to participate in a minimum of two online coaching sessions per course.

As part of your subscription, you get access to a private Online Forum where you can post and answer questions. To complete each course, you will need to share three times your experiences - such as asking the group to reflect on a work challenge you have or responding to another. Your questions will also be answered by the course tutor.

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